And now and here
Beyond the Duality of Life and Death

... a travel guide to the beyond ...

All our lives we are running. What are we running from? What is the fear? The fear is that on the one hand we are unable to live fully, and on the other hand the fear of death is imminent, present. Both things are interconnected. The man who is afraid of death will not be able to live his life; he will remain terrified of death. Then what is the answer?

Most of us look for security in our relationships, in our choice of living and working conditions, and in our finances. Underlying this search for security is a deep, instinctive fear of death, which continually colors our lives and drives our focus outward, toward survival. But we also have a longing to turn inward, to relax deeply within ourselves, and experience the sense of freedom and expansion this brings.

With this book we can start exploring our inner world without fear. Osho debunks our myths and misunderstandings around death and invites us to experience our eternal inner space – now and here – through guided meditations at the end of the first chapters.
One of these meditations has been recorded with music and is included as a CD with this book.
Called Relaxing the BodyMind Meditation it is a gentle yet profound process and technique that can be used again and again to deepen our experience of awareness.

Chapter Titles

Chapter 1: No Bigger Lie than Death
Chapter 2: Seeing Life As It Is
Chapter 3: The Whole Universe Is a Temple
Chapter 4: Returning to the Source
Chapter 5: Find Your Own Way
Chapter 6: Love Is Dangerous
Chapter 7: I Teach Death
Chapter 8: Not Knowing Life Is Death
Chapter 9: The Ultimate Freedom
Chapter 10: Religion Is a Search for Meditation
Chapter 11: The Choice Is Always Yours
Chapter 12: Becoming a Witness
Chapter 13: The Science of the Esoteric
Chapter 14: I Am Ready, If You Are
Chapter 15: The Art of Suchness


Both are true. When I say there is no other truth greater than death, I am drawing your attention to the fact that the phenomenon of death is an enormous reality in this life – in what we call 'life' and understand as 'life'; in terms of one's personality, which consists of what I describe as 'I'. This personality will die; what we call 'life' will die too. Death is inevitable. Certainly, you will die and I will die, and this life will also be destroyed, turned into dust, erased.

When I say there is no other greater truth than death, I want to remind you of the fact that we are all going to die. And when I say that death is totally false, I want to remind you that within this 'I', within 'you', there is someone else who will never die. And there is also a life that is different from what you believe to be life, a life without death. Both these things are true; they are simultaneously true. If you take only one of them to be true, you will not be able to comprehend the whole truth.

If someone says that the shadow is a reality, that darkness is a reality, he is right. Darkness exists and so does the shadow. And if someone else says there is no darkness, he is right too. What he is saying is that darkness does not have a positive existence. If I ask you to bring me a couple of bags of darkness, you won't be able to. A room is filled with darkness, and if you are asked to throw the darkness out, you won't be able to. Or, if I say, "If darkness is in there, then please bring it out," you will be unable to. Why? It is because darkness has a negative existence; darkness is merely the absence of light.

Although darkness exists, nevertheless it is only the absence of light. And so if someone were to say there is no darkness, he is right. There is the presence of light and there is the absence of light, but there is nothing like darkness as such. That's why we can do whatsoever we want with light, but with darkness we can do nothing. If you want to remove darkness, you will have to bring in light; if you want to bring in darkness, you will have to put out the light. With darkness, nothing can be done directly.
You are jogging along the road. Your shadow appears behind you; it also runs with you. Everyone can see the shadow; no one can deny it. And yet it can be said that there is no shadow because it has no entity of its own. The shadow exists because your body obstructs the sunlight. When the light is covered by your body, a shadow is formed; when the sun comes above your head, no shadow is formed because the sunrays are not obstructed. If we were to make a human figure of glass, no shadow would ever appear because the rays would pass through the glass.

When light is hindered, a shadow is formed; a shadow is merely an absence of light. So if a person says the shadow exists, he is not wrong. But this is a half-truth. He should further add that the shadow does not exist. Then the truth becomes complete. This means a shadow is something which exists and yet does not exist. But with our way of thinking, we cannot see anything unless it is divided into two independent parts.

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