and the flowers showered...
The Freudian Couch and Zen

A beautiful and simple introduction into Zen. These talks make you aware of your own conditioning which limits the expression of your life.

Using eleven Zen stories as a starting point and diving deep into their mysterious world, he then weaves his magical clarity on many diverse contemporary topics. From the true meaning of happiness to an understanding of the process of death, it’s all here. To begin reading this book is to commence a journey into the world of wonder.

Buddha’s disciple Subhuti is showered with blossoms upon experiencing sublime emptiness. But isn’t emptiness usually an absence of something? Through his commentary on this seemingly strange tale, Osho illuminates the vast difference between a negative and a sublime emptiness.

‘That teaching is emptiness, that teaching is absolute nothingness. And when you are not, suddenly the whole existence starts flowering on you. The whole ecstasy of existence converges on you - when you are not. When you are not, the whole existence feels ecstatic and celebrates, flowers shower on you.
So remember it: the final liberation is not YOUR liberation, the final liberation is FROM YOU. Enlightenment is not yours, cannot be. When you are not, it is there.’

Chapter Titles
The potency of emptiness
All knowledge is borrowed
That which doesn't change
The path is just in front of you
Death is no ordinary phenomenon
The perfect man is centered
Let the moment decide
Philosophy solves nothing
A different way of being
It is right before your eyes
Not mind, not buddha, not things

excerpt from chapter 5:

A master who lived as a hermit on a mountain was asked by a monk: 'what is the way?' 'What a fine mountain this is,' the master said in reply.'I am not asking you about the mountain,' said the monk, 'but the way.'

THE WAY IS EASY -- but you are the mountain and beyond lies the Way. Crossing yourself is very difficult. Once you are on the Way there is no problem, but the Way is very far from you.

And you are such a mass of contradictions! One fragment of you goes to the east, another goes to the west -- you are not moving in one direction. You cannot as you are, because to move in one direction you need an inner unity, a crystallized being. As you are you are a crowd, with many selves, with no unity.

At the most, if you make some arrangement, as everybody has to make -- if you control yourself, at the most you can become an assembly, not a crowd; and then too you will be the Indian assembly, not the British: at the most the majority of your fragments can move in one direction, but the minority will always be there, going somewhere else.

So even a very controlled man, disciplined, a man of character, of thinking, that man too never reaches the Way. He may be able to adjust to the society, but he is also unable to reach the Way from where the door towards the divine opens.
You are really a mountain.

The first thing to be understood is that the crowd must go. The polypsychic existence must become unipsychic; you must be one. That means you must be thoughtless, because thoughts are a crowd; they divide you, and every thought pulls you apart. They create chaos within you and they are always contradictory. Even when you decide, the decision is always against some part within you, it is never total.


So the first thing is: the more divided you are, the farther away from the Way you will be; the more undivided, the nearer the path.

Thoughts divide because they always carry the opposite within them: love carries hate, friendship carries enmity, liking carries disliking. Sosan is right when he says: 'A slight distinction between like and dislike, a slight movement in your being of like and dislike, and heaven and earth are set apart.' No distinction -- and you have reached, because with no distinction you are one.

So the first thing to remember is how to drop thoughts and become thoughtless -- thoughtless but alert, because in deep sleep also you become thoughtless, and that won't do. It is good for the body, that is why after a deep sleep your body feels rejuvenated. But the mind remains tired even in the morning, because the mind continues its activity. The body relaxes, though it too cannot relax totally because of the mind; but still, it relaxes. So in the morning the body is okay, at least workably okay -- but the mind feels tired, even in the morning. You go to bed tired, you get up in the morning more tired because the mind was continuously working, dreaming, thinking, planning, desiring; the mind was continuously working.

In deep sleep for a few moments when you are absolutely unconscious you become one. This same oneness is needed with a conscious and alert mind. As you are in deep sleep -- no thought, no distinction of good and bad, heaven and hell, God and the devil, no distinction of any sort, you simply ARE, but unconscious -- this has to be attained while you are alert and conscious. Samadhi, the final, the ultimate, the utter meditation, is nothing but deep sleep with full consciousness.

Deep sleep you attain, so the only thing to be attained is more and more consciousness. If you can add more consciousness to your deep sleep you will become enlightened. The mountain is transcended and the path opens -- one thing.

Second thing: you carry the past within you -- that creates multiplicity. You were a child, the child is still hidden in you, and sometimes you can still feel the child kicking; in certain moments you regress and become the child again. You were once young, now you are old; that young man is hidden there, and sometimes even an old man starts being as foolish as a young man.


You are a mountain. This mountain has to be dissolved. What to do? It can be dissolved consciously -- one thing is to live your past again, consciously.

This is the mechanism of consciousness: whenever you live something consciously it never becomes a loaded thing on you; try to understand this. It never becomes a burden on you if you live it consciously.

If you go to the market to purchase something and you move consciously, walk consciously, purchase the thing consciously, with full remembrance, mindfully come back home, this will never be a part of your memory. I don't mean that you will forget it -- it will not be a load. If you want to remember it, you can remember it, but it will not be constantly forcing your attention towards it, it will not be a loaded thing.

Whatsoever you do consciously is lived through and is no longer a hangover. Whatever you live unconsciously becomes a hangover, because you never live it totally -- something remains incomplete. When something is incomplete it has to be carried -- it waits to be completed.


Move backwards. Every night for one hour before you go to sleep, move into the past, relive. Many memories by and by will be unearthed. With many you will be surprised that you were not aware that these things are there -- and with such vitality and freshness, as if they had just happened! You will be again a child, again a young man, a lover, many things will come. Move slowly, so everything is completed. Your mountain will become smaller and smaller -- the LOAD is the mountain. And the smaller it becomes, the freer you will feel. A certain quality of freedom will come to you, and a freshness, and inside you will feel you have touched a source of life.

You will be always vital -- even others will feel that when you walk your step has changed, it has a quality of dance; when you touch, your touch has changed -- it is not a dead hand, it has become alive again. Now life is flowing because the blocks have disappeared; now there is no anger in the hand, love can flow easily, unpoisoned, in its purity. You will become more sensitive, vulnerable, open.

If you have come to terms with the past suddenly you will be here and now in the present, because then there is no need to move again and again.

Go on moving every night. By and by memories will come up before your eyes and they will be completed. Relive them; completed, suddenly you will feel they drop. Now there is no more to be done, the thing is finished.

Less and less memories will come as the time moves. There will be gaps -- you would like to live, nothing is coming -- and those gaps are beautiful. Then a day will come when you will not be able to move backwards because everything is complete. When you cannot move backwards, only then do you move forwards.

There is no other way. And to move forwards is to reach the path: the whole consciousness moving ahead every moment into the unknown.


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